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"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."


My Story

Tarot card crystal

Thank you for visiting my page! Destiny has brought you here, and I'm so glad it did. I am Brittany, a Physic Medium. Since a young age, I have known that there is a spiritual world all around us. Just ask my "imaginary best friend, Sam." Sam is one of my Spirit Guides. She has been with me since birth. Sam was my sense of security, humor and first experience of the Spirit realm. As I grew older my parents became frustrated with Sam and my relationship, which caused Sam to leave. I lost contact with her and could no longer see or hear Sam. 

As soon as I was old enough to attend school, I attended a religious private school. According to what I was taught many people are condemned to purgatory or eternal hell. I believed every word the teachers said. I became afraid of unfamiliar noises in the house. I was scared to death of everything to do with mediums and physics. I lived this way until May 6, 2023 when I found out my little brother Cameron passed away..

I will never forget the pain I felt. There was an overwhelming fear that his soul would suffer forever. He would be surrounded by evil spirits, and never forgiven.

My mom screamed, "Get me a medium!" I warned her not to, since we were warned against seeing mediums. I wholeheartedly believed that if I saw a medium I would be doomed to hell along with my brother. While at the same time, the intuitive thought that I should see a medium was playing in my mind. A few months passed and I could not take the persistence of the thoughts any longer. I scheduled an online session with a medium. I was in a state of fear, sadness, and uncertainty, but something inside me kept telling me to trust.

When the medium logged on she could sense my fears. She did her best to calm me and assured me that my brother is always with me. Sure enough after a few minutes Cameron came right in, along with my Nana and Uncle. The medium gave evidence of my brother, how he loved fishing, the importance of the number 18 and how my parents changed their anniversary to January instead of celebrating it in May, the month he passed. She spoke of things she could never have known unless Cameron told her. I suffered from a nervous black out and said I didn't know to everything she said. This included if I knew anyone named Richard - when in fact that is my grandfather's name who is still here with us. My Nana was trying to get a message across to him using me as a middleman.

After my session I was a mess of confusion and it was not until I listened to the recording of the session that I could think correctly and verify the information the medium was saying.

My life was changed for the better by this experience. My brother wasn't in hell. He was happy, surrounded by love. He was exactly in the same place as my Nana who died of old age. My feelings overflowed with joy that I was open minded enough to challenge my beliefs and listen to the intuitive voice in my head telling me to trust.

I believe that when we are on the right path for our souls, everything will flow smoothly. Shortly after my first medium session I started reading books on how to become a medium. Sure enough, a few weeks later a dear friend introduced me to an incredibly talented medium, named Kitt.

I expressed my interest to Kitt, How I want to become a Medium to help people find the clarity, peace and sense of purpose that I found in seeing one. Kitt is now my mentor and has been a consistent staple through my spiritual journey.

I work only in the highest light and vibrations. It is my desire to guide people through difficult times by connecting them with their loved ones who have crossed over. I want to spread the message of the love available to all of us from the other side and to help people find fulfillment, direction and clarity in their lives through Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Tarot and Oracle card readings.

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