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Physical Meditation - Yes, You Read That RIGHT

Updated: May 9

There is no such thing as a bad meditation - Crazy right? You are not doing it wrong. When I first started meditation I was constantly worried I was meditating wrong. Why didn't I feel relaxed? In the end, all I can think of is my earthy to-do list. I focused on how I lack a zen area. I only have 30 minutes before the kids wake up and I have to get them ready for school. Usually the puppy comes over to jump on me as soon as I try to sit down.

I thought there was only one kind of meditation and to do it right I would have some sort of experience like levating over my yoga mat. That never happened to me. My back would hurt sitting on the floor. So, I started laying down and felt shame that my meditation doesn't count because I am not in proper posture. I felt helpless and stuck when it came to meditation, but the truth is I was just uneducated about meditation.

Meditation is defined as the practice of mindfulness, which reduces stress and anxiety. It involves focusing or clearing your mind using mental and physical techniques. - You read that right... Physical techniques. I never heard of physical meditation, but it's become my favorite now that I know about it. Physical meditations include yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong. Others include walking, listening to music, and journaling. Anything that clears our minds can be meditation. 

For example, sometimes I will be washing dishes and my mind goes blank. I count that as a meditation. It is a modern day ritual. I focus on the sound of the water, the color of the dish soap, the way it bubbles and the way it makes a difference. I am completely present. It's a form of mindfulness and it's something that helps me stay grounded. It helps me stay in the present and away from the worries of the future. It's a great way to take a break from the chaos of life. Another favorite of mine is pushing my daughter in the stroller. I focus on the feeling of the sun on my skin, the sound of the birds chirping, and the smell of fresh flowers. It's a beautiful reminder of how lucky I am to have this time with her and how precious every moment is.

Learning that meditation isn't about perfection or finding the most suitable space. Meditation is not only about sitting perfectly still, but it's about disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of life and focusing on the present. It's about calming your mind and being mindful of your thoughts. This can be done anywhere, anytime. You don't need any special tools or props to meditate, all you need is yourself has been life changing. I find myself wanting to be in the present instead of worrying about what's next to come.

Meditation is a very personal practice and what works for one person might not work for another. It's important to find the meditation style that is right for you and stick to it.

What is your favorite style of meditation? 

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