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Establishing a Spiritual Routine in the Midst of Life's Chaos

As a mom of three young kids and a wife making time for daily spiritual practices can be very challenging. The first time my mentor suggested coming up with a spiritual practice that I do daily, I remember thinking how in the world am I ever going to do that? I hardly have time to shower let alone meditate. She suggested starting the day with my spiritual practice ... MORNINGS?! Impossible. I wake up and before I even finish a sip of my coffee my daughter is yelling "Mama" from the crib and the boys are strolling downstairs for breakfast. She was right, of course. I needed to find time for my spiritual practice in the morning, before the day got away from me.

The first few months consisted of whenever time was available for me.. which meant early mornings, late nights and calling my mom in to babysit the kiddos. However I was able to follow the same spiritual practice daily just at different times of the day. As the months passed, I eventually found a routine that worked best for me and the kids. It was a priority to me to continue my spiritual practice, no matter what the time. Don't let me fool you though. The struggle was real. I would be faced with moments of doubt and during those moments when I worried that I would never get my daily routine down I was reminded of my reason WHY. What motivates me? WHY do I want to explore spirituality? WHY do I want to become a psychic medium? WHY did I add more to my already full plate?

My reason why is to spread the love that exists for us on the other side. That our loved ones who have crossed over are still with us, just as energy instead of physical bodies. I wanted to be like the medium who helped me stop suffering when my brother passed away. I wanted to help people find the same gratitude I felt in his happiness on the other side.

When I thought about my WHY, I would become inspired to get the routine going again .. I started small, I chose something I could do in 10 minutes or less and then as I became more familiar with the language I wanted to use to connect to my spirit guides I started adding more things to my routine like a guided meditation followed by a silent meditation. I started smudging.  Whatever you decide to do in your daily spiritual routine remember, It doesn't have to be elaborate, it just needs to be something meaningful that helps me to connect with the spiritual side.

Finally I found my routine that works best for me and my children. In the morning I wake up two hours earlier than everyone else in my house. If by chance they wake up early I pause what I am doing set them up with a TV show and some Play Dough, which usually keeps them occupied for the rest of the time. I am only able to wake up so early because I go to sleep shortly after them.

When I first wake up I thank my Higher Power for waking me up. I head downstairs and start the coffee pot. Before having any coffee I then go to my office and smudge and requesting my Spirit Guides to remove any negative energy. I ask that only the energy that serves my highest purpose stays. My practice involves grounding and shielding myself after I have finished smudging. I ask my Spirit Guides, Loved Ones and Higher Power to join me in my meditation. I ask for guidance and direction as I seek the truth for my highest good and the highest good of everyone connected to me. I ask they release me from my doubts and ego so that I may clearly hear, feel and see the messages from the higher realms.

 I then meditate. Usually, I start with a guided gratitude meditation to raise my vibration. I really enjoy starting my day with gratitude meditations or spirit guide journeys. I then follow with a silent meditation. I end my meditation with an intention and a prayer. I say out loud "Thank you, I close this session now" and clap to end the session and come back to the material world.

Next, I grab my coffee and a journal. I try to record as much as much as possible after a meditation. This is because more often than not something that doesn't make sense to me in that moment, will all click together nicely later on.

Incorporating a morning routine with meditation has numerous benefits. It helps to set a positive tone for the day, promotes mental clarity and focus, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases self-awareness and mindfulness. Additionally, it allows for a deeper connection with one's spiritual side and provides a sacred space for personal growth and reflection.

Do you have a spiritual routine? What works for you? Comment below

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