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My First Experience With A Medium

The first medium I spoke to after my brother passed I was skeptical. I doubted that the medium could truly communicate with the spirit world and provide genuine connection to my brother. I was scared to be taken advantage of. I questioned whether it was all just a clever act or a way for someone to exploit my grief for financial gain. I was full of doubt and skepticism, but I was determined to try. I pushed through my fear and met with a medium who had been recommended to me by a friend.

The medium didn't ask any questions prior to our meeting however when I sat down she asked for my name and date of birth. She said this is to ensure she taps into the right energy. As the medium began to speak, a mix of anticipation, hope, and anxiety washed over me. Every word she uttered had the potential to change my beliefs or deepen my skepticism.

The first person she spoke of was my Uncle John. She shared how he was so excited to talk and that I had found a medium. She talked about the specific qualities he had in spirit, exactly like he did here on Earth. My uncle was a talker and loved being the life of the party so it only made sense he would come through first. The medium spoke of my sister's graduation and the family parties we used to have. She spoke of his relationship with my dad and wanted me to let his daughter know he was okay and that he was with her. The medium did this to verify she connected to the right person and give evidence my uncle was truly there in spirit.

Next, The Medium mentioned my Nana. A grandmother figure from your mother's side, she said. She spoke of her gentleness, mentioned the month my Nana passed away and how she loved my grandfather, Richard. She said my Nana was with her parents and referred to them by name as well. She spoke of how my Nana's father was a milk man. Finally, I heard the words I was dying to hear. The medium told me that my brother was with the family on the other side. I felt relief wash over me. On Earth my brother and Nana shared a very special bond. I was grateful to hear it continued in the spirit world.

My brother was quiet and didn't like to be the center of attention so it resonated that he came through last. However, the medium said he was jumping up and down with joy. This is because he was so happy to tell me that he was happy in the spirit realm. She discussed his love of fishing and his playful personality. She mentioned how he was an electrician and how he loved his truck.

The medium mentioned things occurring in my current life like my son's baseball games. She also explained how his team is named after an animal. She also mentioned how we discussed eye color at dinner, and even where I had to get my puppy. The medium said she wasn't telling me this, but my brother is. He is proving he is still with me. I just can't see him. Of course, my brother had to get his jokes in and shared how he could hear my thoughts. I didn't believe this until the medium started telling me personal thoughts I had over the past few days. My brother spoke of how we are closer now than ever before because he has returned to his true self without his ego.

The validation the medium provided me with of each person in spirit erased doubts and skepticism. It also gave me peace and comfort.

The spirit realm is real.

Hearing about my brother's happiness in the spirit realm brought me an unexplainable sense of peace and comfort. It reassured me that he was in a good place and that my connection with him, though different now, was still strong.

Meeting with a medium did not instantly erase my grief, but it made me more comfortable trusting my brother hears my thoughts. It made it easier to feel like he is still with me. It gave me a faith in the after life that I didn't have before. It made carrying the weight of my brother's passing not so heavy.

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