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Opening My Mind to the Realm of the Spirit

I never believed in psychic mediums, let alone something called "Spirit Guides" or believed our loved ones who crossed over were always with us. I used to make fun of spiritual people and call psychic mediums con artists who fed off vulnerable people. I was closed-minded and full of fear. Fear of what if these people were telling the truth? What if they could see how fearful I am of ghosts? What if there was something more to life than what I was taught?

After my little brother passed away the fear of the spiritual world vanished instantly. I was begging him to send me signs at the hour of his passing. In my heart, I knew he wouldn't let anything hurt me if there was indeed another side. This loss of my brother gave me a chance to open my mind and I took it. I sought and craved information about the other side. I wished to know everything about spirituality. I wanted to know where my little brother was. I wanted to know if he was at peace. I was curious to know if he was with other family members who have passed on.

I began reading books with all different views, I listened to podcasts while cleaning and cooking, I kept asking questions and finding answers, and over time I began having my own spiritual experiences and I began to have an open mind and a willing heart. I started to trust my intuition more and more and found clarity in my life. The books I read had one consistent message that stood out to me: That anyone who wants to can be a psychic medium can be, that we all have the ability it is just a matter of tuning into it. I took that and ran, I was determined to become one, so I started practicing meditation all different way. I downloaded apps and listened to meditations on YouTube. In order to silence my mind, I searched the internet for advice and tips on how to stop my flooding thoughts. Eventually I was able to meditate. I started with visualization and lucid dreaming. I kept a journal with me and recorded everything even if it was "nothing to report today." I bought Tarot and Oracle cards and spent countless hours studying what they meant. I began attending spiritual festivals and working with a spiritual mentor. I enrolled in taking classes on how to become a medium, but the fear of judgement I once had towards mediums crept in. I didn't want my friends and family to think I was losing my mind. I was worried that if I told them what I was doing, I would be met with a lack of understanding or acceptance. I was also afraid of being judged for attempting to communicate with the spirit world. I ultimately decided to keep my classes a secret.

As spiritual experiences continued to happen. I noticed signs everywhere I looked. I would ask my brother to send me a red balloon and sure enough I would see one. I would turn to my Spirit Guides for help and they would answer. I asked for everything from help getting a good night's sleep, to finding a parking spot. I was amazed at how the universe was working on my behalf. I felt a newfound sense of peace and confidence in knowing that I was being taken care of. I was filled with a sense of joy and gratitude to be alive.

 I continued and still take classes on physic mediumship development and the spirit realm. I feel more connected to my guides and the universe. I developed a newfound appreciation for life and a deeper understanding of the universe. I am more in tune with my intuition and felt a sense of inner peace. Learning about the spiritual world and being open minded helped my grief immensely.  I was heartbroken to not see my brother's physical body, but not overwhelmed from grief.

As I watched my family members suffer in grief, I decided to be honest with my family and let them know what I had been doing. They expressed their support and encouragement, but also took an active interest in my spiritual journey. They attended some of the spiritual festivals with me, joined me in meditation sessions, and even asked me to share my insights with them. Their open-mindedness and willingness to embrace my newfound spirituality created a deep sense of connection and understanding within our family.

My sister, mom, dad and I have a group text where we exchange signs we get from our Spirit Guides, Higher Powers and deceased loved ones. Sharing signs has brought my family closer together. It has created a sense of unity and shared understanding as we support and encourage each other on our spiritual journeys. Through our group text, we not only share the signs we receive, but also the comfort and validation that comes with knowing that we are not alone in our experiences. This connection has deepened our bond and brought us a sense of peace and healing. Through sharing our experience we were able to realize the consistency in signs our loved ones send. In the middle of the woods, it will appear that a fishing rod is sent by my brother. My Nana sends us her perfume smell and my uncle gives us butterflies in winter. It's comforting to know that they are always with us and that they are always sending us messages of love. It's a beautiful way to stay connected to our loved ones even though they aren't with us physically.

The best decision I ever made for myself was giving spirituality a chance and my hope in publishing this article on my blog is to help others keep an open mind about spirituality. I believe that spirituality can help us find peace and clarity in life. It can be a source of comfort and guidance, and it can help us to make better decisions and live our lives with more purpose. Spirituality can be a powerful tool to help us create a better reality. I hope others remember that our loved ones are always with us, even if we can't see them. To trust that their messages of love and support are sent to us from the other side. And to find peace in knowing that they are safe, happy and at peace.

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